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All formal applications shall be made on the application form provided, which must be complete in all its details before Certification can be processed. The application form requires the following information.

• Candidate name and address
• Candidate National Insurance number
• 2 passport sized photographs
• Copies of relevant qualifications and/or evidence of gas work experience
• A declaration of the category for the individual making the application
• Photo ID


The Scheme comprises a number of gas-safety related Assessments; Each Assessment is subdivided into elements that reflect the competence that an individual is required to demonstrate in accordance with the Assessment Criteria.  The Assessment(s) require and Individual to complete practical and/or written assessments dependent on the modules selected. Where necessary, individuals may be asked oral questions by an Assessor.

Individuals must comply with instructions given to them at the Assessment Centre regarding conduct and safety and must abide by any documented requirements, including the following:

  • General conduct
  • Provision of tools and equipment necessary to undertake any required practical Assessment. In the event that an individual provides his/her own tools or equipment, these will be subject to approval by the Assessor before use.
  • Provision of protective clothing and safety equipment necessary for the Assessments attempted. In the event that an individual provides their own protective clothing and safety equipment, these will be subject to approval by the Assessor before use.
  • Provision of necessary reference documentation, and industry or legislative source publications and other material for use in the Assessments. In the event that an individual provides his/her own material, then these will be subject to approval by the Assessor before use.
  • Provision by the Assessment Centre of full instructions to enable the completion of both written and practical Assessments.
  • In the event that an individual does not satisfy the full range of performance and knowledge criteria required by an Assessment, a partial re-assessment may be allowed, covering only those elements or tasks where Assessment was incomplete.
  • Assessment Centres shall advise such individuals as to the areas where re-assessment may be necessary.


The Assessment Centre will indicate to individuals the provisional outcome of their Assessment within 10 working days of the completion of their assessment.  This result will still be subject to verification, following which records will be transmitted to BPEC Certification Ltd.  Assessment Centres may only recommend Certification; the final decision rests with BPEC Certification Ltd.

BPEC Certification Ltd. will endeavour to provide successful Individuals with Certification within 20 days of receipt of correctly completed paperwork from the Assessment Centre.

Certificates of competence issued contain the following details: the scope of the Certification; the Individuals full name; certificate number; national insurance number; date of birth; a description of each assessment; the expiry date of the certification; the certificate holders signature; and a clear warning statement that the certificate is only valid when presented on original paper.  Photocopied certificates are not evidence of competence and should not be accepted as such.  The certificate remains at all times the property of BPEC Certification Ltd.

Replacement or duplicate certificates can be obtained from BPEC Certification Ltd. A fee, paid in advance and in line with current Certification fees will be charged by BPEC Certification Ltd. in the event of any such request.

Unless BPEC Certification Ltd. has a specific formal arrangement with an employer or any other third party, certificates will be issued directly to the individual assessed.  Where employer agreements exist, they will specifically require that original certificates must be issued to the certificated Individual.


Fees for Assessment and Certification will be levied by the Assessment Centre and must be paid in full.  Non-payment to the centre may result in an individual’s assessment results being held at the Centre.  If candidates fail to achieve the required level of competency in either the practical or theory assessment, it may be necessary for them to re-sit the sections which they have failed.  If this situation arises an additional cost may be incurred.

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